Foundation stage

Our foundation stage unit is built specifically for preschoolers aged 3 to 5 years, teaching is provided to the foundation batch with our most experienced staff.we offer a wide range of different activities including:  

1. Writing
Help your child practice writing letters.
Teach your child how to write her name with an uppercase first letter and the remaining letters in lowercase.
2 Letter Recognition
Playing games to help your child recognize some letters of the alphabets.
3. Beginning Sounds
Making child aware of the sound that each letter makes.
Finding items around the house that begin with the same sound and identify the letter that makes each sound.
We Overemphasize the first sound in words to help your child hear the individual sounds in words.
4. Number Recognition and Counting
5. Shapes and Colors.
Helping your child recognize more difficult shapes such as diamonds and rectangles by showing her how to draw them on paper and cut them out.
6. Fine Motor Skills
Giving your child several different writing options (colored pencils, crayons or markers) to help keep her interested in writing and drawing.
Playing with play dough is a fun way to strengthen the muscles of the hand that will be used for writing.
7. Cutting
8. Reading Readiness
9. Attention and Following Directions
10. Social Skills