News And Events
At Little Scholars Nursery we celebrate and participate in the following events with our children and teachers throughout the academic year:
21st September to 25th September 2014.

Dear Parents,

Random Acts of Kindness is a courtesy movement with the sole purpose of promoting greater kindness, tolerance, empathy and respect towards and for our fellow humans. Little Scholars Nursery have decided to join in by hosting a Kindness Week that will serve as the foundation of our continued efforts to be better than we currently are at being kind.The following is the program for the week of 21st September to 25th September 2014:
Sunday-21st September

Theme: Compliments

Activity 1: Kindness Sharing Day- Our children will be encouraged to sit in a circle and
say something nice about the child, sitting next to them. The teacher will note down
each compliment and then hang up on a wall.
Monday-22nd September.

Theme: Random Acts of Kindness

Have a feast for our (Helpers) Staff: All the classes to cook something and serve them with Biscuits and Fruit Basket + freshly squeezed Orange Juice (Please send your child to school with any 1 fruit and 1 packet of biscuit on Monday.
Tuesday-23rd September.

Theme: sharing is caring .Please send some extra food In addition, each Class will be responsible for doing kind acts for our admin and staff such as helping them with a chore, holding open a door, thanking them with small art and craft items etc.
Wednesday-24th September.

Theme: Be kind to our environment

Each Class will be responsible for cleaning up a part of the school. This could include
cleaning equipment, dusting shelves, washing tables etc. Students, with their Class
Teacher, will bring in the required equipment that will enable them to carry out their
kindness task.

Thursday-25th September: Charity.

Theme: Paying it Forward

Activity : Shoe Box filled with goodies

Each child to bring a shoe box filled with a packet of chips, a packet of biscuits, a small
carton of flavored milk, a small box of colour pencils and any one toy. Children can decorate the shoe box, if they wish. All these items will be donated to an Old age home.
Thanking you . Admin