Holiday Programs at little scholar Nursery

Prior notice will be sent to every child in writing regarding holidays.

Refer to calendar for monthly programme.
Partnership With Parents
Parents are children's primary educators and our most trusted partners. We believe that Parent Participation is of great importance to ease the child's transition out of the home and to reassure parents that their most valuable assets are blossoming in a secure, caring and professional environment
The Parent Involvement in Children's Education Scale supports -Supportive home learning environment – parent behaviors that promote learning at home, such as spending time with children talking about school activities
Direct school contact – parents' direct involvement in school-based activities and direct communications with school personnel
Inhibited involvement – barriers to parents' involvement in their children's education, such as time constraints
We encourage our parents to be actively involved in their preschoolers care and education.We rely on parents to inform us how your children are developing at home, the same way parents appreciate receiving all appropriate Nursery information regarding their kid. Along with daily updates from the Nursery Managers and Teachers, at the end of each Nursery term parents will receive their children’s Nursery record,files,and news letters
A close partnership of cooperation and communication between parents and teachers is a great advantage for all children. Our kindergarten offers a very open policy for parents to become involved in their child's education.