Parents Testimonials


1st January 2014

Respected Ms. Sana

I just want to express my acknowledgement regarding your untimely and untiring efforts that are exhibited in building up the personalities of our young children. These little minds will have the very first memories of you as their first guide and I am extremely glad to see my child so enthralled about going to school and meeting her 1st teacher that’s is you. In my daughter, I can see eminent changes both educational and behavioral. I thank you whole heartedly and expect the same in future as well. Being a mom, I declare to be fully assures of leaving my daughter in safe hand of YOURS. Who is her Spiritual Mom.

Side by side, I also want to thank the nanny of JOLLY JELLY FISH Ms. Huda who really takes care of the kids as her own. I really appreciate her hard work, motherly care and for performing the duties of children’s mothers in their absence.

Happy mother’s day to both of you too.

Gul Usman

Rooshay Usman’s Mom

2nd February 2014

Dear Samia,

We would like to thank you for all the effort and hardwork that you have put to help our child Muhammed Suhail in his studies and the class over all.

We really appreciate that and hope that you continue to help & support him throughtout this year so that he becomes bright student.

Thanking you,

Guardians of Muhammed Suhail

3r March 2014

Number One Teacher

A teacher should have
A special place
In every child’s heart.

Because in this game of life
They help them get their start.

I just want to thank you, Ms. Sana
For all the things you’ve done.

You are a very special teacher,
And to me you are number one!

First Class Teacher

By Arooshay Usman& Gul Usman